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Paying Rent

What are the hours that Second Time Around Realty is open?

Second Time Around Realty normal office hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm.

When is my rent due?

Full payment of rent is due on or before the 1st of each month.

Where can I pay my rent?

Payments can be made by bank deposit at any Associated Bank location.

What happens if I receive a 5-Day Notice to Pay or Quit?

A 5-Day Notice to Pay or Quit is a legal document stating you have 5 days to correct the breach of lease. A breach of lease could include but is not limited to: a late payment, unauthorized persons in the home, unauthorized use of premises, unauthorized animals, etc. If you receive a 5-Day Notice to Pay or Quit please contact our office immediately to resolve the issue.

What is a Rent Concession?

A rent concession is a component of our home ownership programs. Contact
our office for additional details if you would like to own your home.


Am I responsible for payment of the heating bill?

Yes. Tenants are responsible for energy utilities.

Am I responsible for payment of the electric bill?

Yes. Tenants are responsible for energy utilities.

Do I need to have the energy utility put in my name?

Yes. Before receiving keys for moving into a rental property the tenant must show proof of the energy bill being in the tenant’s name.

Am I responsible for payment of the water bill?

Most communities are accessed a water fee based on occupancy. This is added to their base rent and paid monthly. Example: Base Rent $605+Water Fee $50= Total Monthly Rent Amount $655.


If my child turns 18 while I am renting does the child need to come in and complete an application?

Yes. All persons over the age of 18 need to have an application on file in our office

How can I add someone to my rental agreement?

Our rental agreements have one Primary Tenant. All other adults are listed as
Authorized Occupants.

What if a friend or family member wants to rent the property I am moving out of?

Referrals are always welcome. As with any other interested party, an application
will need to be completed and screened.

How do I give notice if I want to move out?

Second Time Around Realty requires a written notice of a tenant’s intent to
vacate. This notice must be received at least 30 days prior to a tenant leaving
the property.

Rules and Regulations

Can I have a pet?

We do allow pets. We have a two pet maximum per home. There is a monthly
pet rent of $25 per month per pet. There are some dog breed restrictions.

Do I need to supply my own appliances?

We offer appliance rental for stoves and refrigerators. The fee is $15 per
appliance per month. If you want to use your own appliances, that works too.

Can I have a pool or trampoline?

No. Per our insurance policies pools and trampolines are not allowed.

Do I need to cut my own grass?

All tenants are required to mow their lot and keep it looking clean and neat.

Do I need to shovel the sidewalk?

All tenants are responsible for following city ordinances for removal of snow. This may include but not be limited to: shoveling snow from sidewalks, steps, porches, and alleyways.


What qualifications do I need to meet to rent properties that Second Time Around Reality manages?

  • Total household income must be 3 times the amount of rent.
  • Must not have any court ordered evictions or money judgements in the past 5 years.
  • Must have a good landlord and personal reference check.

How can I apply for a rental property managed by Second Time Around Reality?

To apply for a rental property managed by Second TIme Around Realty please submit a fully completed application for each adult 18 years or older that will be residing in the property, past 60 days proof of income, and copies of 2 valid forms of identification.

  • Past 60 days of income may include
    • Check Stubs
    • Award letter from SSA or SSI
    • Foodshare
  • Valid forms of ID
    • Form 1: Driver's licesnse, ID, or Passppry
    • Form 2: Debit or Credit Card, Card or Work ID
  • Email your completed application and supporting documents to
  • Fax your completed application and supporting documents to 414-755-0792.
Mail your completed application to our office at: Second Time Around Realty Inc
3121 W Wisconsin Ste 3
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Do you accept Rent Assistance?

Yes, for most of our properties.

Do you accept Emergency Assistance?

Yes, but not for security deposit or first month’s rent.

Can you count food share as part of my income?

Yes, but you must have proof.

Is parking permitted on streets of property?

No parking on streets for more than 3 hours. If it is snowing there is no parking allowed at all, so that the snow plows may clear the streets.


What if I need maintenance done on the property I am renting?

If maintenance is needed please call our office and request a work order. Work
orders are performed in the order they are received with the exceptions of
emergencies, which are attended to promptly. Emergencies include floods or no

What if there is damage to the property I am renting?

Repairs for damages due to negligence or improper use of the premises by the tenant will be charged to the tenant.

Who do I contact if there is a maintenance emergency?

  • If you have a maintenance emergency during normal business hours, contact
our office at 414-539-6255.
  • For after- hours maintenance emergencies, contact our cell phone at 414-881-
5429. Texting is preferred on this line.
  • Note: Maintenance emergencies are limited to flooding or no heat.

When you rent from Second Time Around you are renting a well-maintained property to be your home. We want you to take pride in your home. Working together we can keep the property looking great and improve our neighborhoods one house at a time.


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