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Winterizing Your Manufactured Home

Published by L.A. Tony Kovach

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Any home built over a crawl space should have it’s pipe’s prepared for winter and freezing weather. This is true for conventional housing built over a crawl space, as well as modular construction, as well as modern manufactured homes or pre-federal HUD code “mobile homes.”

Winterizing a home saves on utilities as well as on avoidable repair costs. While these tips won’t apply to every home, go through the entire list to see what may apply to you. When in doubt, consult an expert.

Insurance companies want to see property owners who avoid problems any time that is possible. So we turned to Foremost Insurance for their professional insights on winterizing a manufactured home.

Do you have your Home ready for Winter?

Is your manufactured home ready for the rigors of winter? The maintenance steps you take now can eliminate expensive repairs, and make your home safer and more energy efficient when cold weather sets in.

With the right information, you can do the work yourself instead of paying someone else to do it. It takes a little planning and effort to winterize your manufactured home, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. Take action now to protect your manufactured home from leaks, heat loss, drafts and the danger of a winter fire.

Preparing your home for cold weather

A simple tube of silicone caulk may be your best investment this heating season. Polyurethane caulking is a good all-around choice for sealing your manufactured home from drafts and leaks. Places to be caulked outside the home include: gutter and downspout seams, plumbing and furnace vent pipes, around flashing seams between roof and siding, around door and window frames, along siding joints, around the dryer vent, at the TV antenna wire entrance and at pipe feed-throughs.

Weather stripping exterior doors and windows is an inexpensive heat-saver. To detect heat loss, just hold your hand at the edge of a window or door frame on a windy day. If you feel a draft, weather-strip the area.

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